Vote set for Suffolk County layoff proposal

A committee of Suffolk County lawmakers passed resolutions Tuesday calling for 340 layoffs to help balance the budget unless the county gets $30 million in concessions from unions.
Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy says the move is necessary to balance the county's budget. Levy also wants workers who are not laid off to forego pay for one two-week cycle. He says the employees would receive the pay at the end of their employment.
Cheryl Felice, president of the Suffolk County Association of Municipal Employees, says the county?s layoff plan has expanded to impact 600 workers. She says the union is demanding numbers and details from the county before representatives will come to the table. The union also wants its questions about the layoff plan answered.
Levy says he reached an agreement with the corrections officers' union Monday night, saving 16 jobs. Four inspectors for the health department will also be spared.
The resolutions passed Tuesday will go for a vote before the whole Legislature Tuesday, April 28.