Volunteers participating in at-home trial for antacid's ability to lessen COVID-19 symptoms

Long Island's Northwell Health could be on the forefront of unlocking ways to control severe symptoms of COVID-19.
Northwell scientists are studying over-the-counter antacid Pepcid, which shows potential for lessening symptoms and length of the virus.
Bill and Jennifer Scruggs, from Bethpage, contracted the virus within a week of each other and suffered moderate symptoms. They're now participants in the at-home trial.
"It feels great because we are contributing to science. You never know if this is going to be something that people can use and be helpful to people, so without doing these studies we would never know," says Jennifer Scruggs.
Jennifer Scruggs says she heard about the trials because she works for Northwell Health. The trial is due to enroll 84 participants of diverse races, ethnicities and genders.
Northwell doctors say they are extremely encouraged that Pepcid will play a role in keeping COVID-19 symptoms at moderate levels and from having people needing hospitalization.
"It would make a huge difference if we knew we had something that could make the disease milder and improve patient outcomes and also keep patients from going to the hospital," says Dr. Joseph Conigliaro, of Northwell Health.
If you want to see if you qualify to participate, you can reach out to clinicaltrials@northwell.edu