Virtual reality: Coronavirus edition

The closures and prohibitions of most establishments and businesses have left us without much to do. However, there is plenty that is streaming - including concerts, movies and plays!

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Mar 20, 2020, 5:41 PM

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Virtual reality: Coronavirus edition

By: Kattey Ortiz, Digital Producer
The closures and prohibitions of most establishments and businesses have left us without much to do. Our plans are scrapped, and we can't even be closer than six feet to the people we love.
So we're all coming together and resorting to the internet.
Broadway shows can no longer entertain us, but luckily a lot of plays have been adapted into movies. Platforms like Netflix and Hulu are offering those. Netflix also has recorded live shows from various artists, like Taylor Swift, Celine Dion, and the Rolling Stones.
In Long Island, Boomer Productions is streaming 'Live at Boomers,' a virtual music hall with recurring acoustic performances from local artists. Take a look at their schedule to catch their next show.
Some artists and musicians are directly connecting to their fans by live streaming free concerts on their social media accounts. Ben Gibbard, front man for Death Cab for Cutie, is performing every day. Others are letting their followers know what time to join them on the day of, so be sure to check your favorite artist's page to see if they are offering a little happiness.
It's not just music and shows, however. With local gyms shut down, trainers are sharing their expertise with prerecorded workouts on YouTube (although that's been a thing before the pandemic). They too are joining in on the live daily classes on social media, like Kelly Brabants.
Many yoga studios in Long Island are streaming classes as well on Zoom in addition to social media. Here's a breakdown of those classes and how you can sign up.
Need a couple laughs? James Murray of Impractical Jokers is organizing a game night every Thursday on Instagram! Here are instructions on how you can get a chance to participate. Otherwise you can watch the fun live on Instagram.
Maybe you're more of the literary type. The Storyteller's Cottage in Connecticut has moved many of their activities and clubs online, including virtual bedtime stories for kids, crafting for adults, and book clubs.
What other virtual activities are you participating in that aren't listed? Email!

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