'Violence in all forms is a public health crisis.' Council member joins rally in response to mayor's plan to end gun violence

Demonstrators rallied Thursday in support of a report released in response to Mayor Eric Adams' blueprint to end gun violence.
The Brooklyn Movement Center released a nearly 70-page report called "Invest in Black Futures: A Public Health Roadmap for Safe NYC Neighborhoods."
"Violence, gun violence, violence in all forms is a public health crisis, and it needs public health solutions," says City Council Member Sandy Nurse.
Nurse says implementing more community-based resources rather than increasing the number of police on our streets will have the biggest impact.
"The answer of violence is an unprecedented investment in social services and programs that invest in families, that invest in schools, that invest in our parks," says Nurse. "Everything that makes a neighborhood feel warm and welcoming and full of life. That is what we need."
Victor Dempsey, of the Legal Defense and Educational Fund, says his brother was killed in 2016 by an off-duty police officer. He says change starts with the health of the community and not necessarily the people policing it.
"I think a healthy thriving community makes it a lot easier for constituents and community members to feel good about themselves and not feel violent and not feel unhappy or not feel unwanted rather," says Dempsey.