Village of Southampton mayoral race draws attention from police unions

Mayor Jesse Warren is seeking re-election.

News 12 Staff

Jun 17, 2021, 7:58 PM

Updated 1,127 days ago


The race for the mayor of the Village of Southampton is heating up and drawing a lot of attention from police unions.
Mayor Jesse Warren is seeking re-election. He's been trying to reign in overtime and other costs related to the village police department and that has rankled the PBA.
It all came to a head when Warren appointed local businessman Hulbert Waldroup to a 20-person panel looking into potential police reforms. Back in 2005, Waldroup pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, admitting that he acted as security for an escort service.
Waldroup isn't even on the ballot but has become a key figure in the contentious mayoral race.
The PBA is criticizing Warren for choosing Waldroup to be on the panel. A police political action committee has sent out anti-Warren flyers that critics say are blatantly racist.
"Have a good clean fight and may the best person win," says Waldroup. "We don't have to resort to face baiting and what I call Trump-style name calling."
Warren says the PBA is attacking him because of his attempts to control police costs, including overtime.
"It certainly was a racist attack on a small business owner who's done nothing except make artwork about peace and love, and it's really unfortunate that he would be involved in a political campaign despite the fact that he was part of a state-mandated committee," says Warren.
The village PBA president issued a statement saying, "The decision by Mayor Warren to appoint an anti-cop crusader and convicted criminal to the police reform committee is not immune to public scrutiny."
Warren's opponent, former Mayor Michael Irving, has denounced the flyers. He's also calling for an investigation by the district attorney into what he calls voting irregularities involving absentee ballots.

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