Utility company clears downed wires in Levittown yard after News 12 inquiry

Downed wires left over from Tropical Storm Isaias have finally been removed from a Levittown backyard after News 12 Long Island called the utility company.

The wires came down near a Spring Lane home 12 days ago.
The homeowner, Mark Tyrell, says it took Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) five days to restore his power, but wires were still down on his property and in his neighbor's backyard.

He says he called the utility company dozens of times, but the problem still wasn't fixed.

Once News 12 called, Tyrell says crews came right away.

"They heard you guys were coming, the whole block filled up with trucks," Tyrell says. "I couldn't believe it."

Tyrell says it only took the crews about five minutes to clear the wires once they came.
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