Unused space transformed into new school store in Southampton

An unused space at Southampton High School has been transformed into a new school store -- a project that's been 10 years in the making.
"I think we've waited and worked hard for this for 10 years to have a place for our students to be successful before they enter out in the community," says life skills teacher Laua Franklin.
The life skills program finally got approval to create the school store students have always dreamed of.
"But we've always had a vision of having a store in house so they could practice their vocational skills internally," says life skills teacher Tania Ciancio.
The students handle taking orders, running the cash register, making drinks and keeping the shelves stocked.
Zach Muller, a ninth-grade student, says he's at the store every day. His teachers say it will help him and others with skills they will need after they graduate.
Life skills students worked with classmates who take carpentry and interior design to help build and decorate the store. The students also voted to name the store Coastal Corner.