Uniondale teen facing drug, weapons charges

An 18-year-old man from Uniondale is facing charges after police say they found drugs and two guns in his duffel bag.
The arrest stemmed from an argument that happened on April 20, but Espinal was taken into custody on Sunday. Police say a 17-year-old victim went to the Uniondale home of Manuel Espinal to retrieve clothing and a cellphone that she left there. Espinal threw her clothes outside, but refused to give her the phone, police say.
According to detectives, the young woman became alarmed when Espinal "placed a handgun into a duffel bag and ran upstairs." The woman called police from a neighbor's home, and police say Espinal fled on foot.
Police arriving at the scene found the duffel bag with a loaded .45-caliber handgun and a loaded 9mm handgun. Detectives say one of the guns was reported stolen in Virginia last June.
They also found five bags with what appeared to be marijuana, a bottle containing a substance believed to be Codeine, and 85 pills believed to be oxycodone.
Espinal surrendered to Nassau police on Sunday and is charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal firearm possession.