Tulfan Terrace turmoil leaves eyesore

Years after work halted on the 13-story Tulfan Terrace building, many Riverdale residents are wondering what's next for the structure.
Work on the building stopped in 2006 after the project's chief financier was indicted on fraud and embezzlement charges. Now, many residents say they are forced to look at the decaying and unfinished building on a daily basis.
"It's totally disturbing to the area," says resident Richard Frank. "We know there's all sorts of rats and wild animals because no one is living there."
The building, which was supposed to be million-dollar apartments, is now going into foreclosure. Residents are now left with more questions than answers about the future of the property.
News 12 The Bronx reached out to the developer for a comment, but was not able to find a number that was still in service.