Tree trouble: Isaias turns some trees in and around the South Shore brown

Tropical Storm Isaias not only uprooted trees on Long Island, it even turned some of them brown.
Though fall is still about a month away, some areas on the Island have the type of appearance like its already late autumn. The damage is most prevalent on the South Shore, but has been reported miles inland.
Experts say the storm blew in salt water, burning tree leaves. The salt burn is even affecting some evergreen trees, which are typically pretty hardy.
Due to little to no rain to wash the salt away, lots of trees are seeing the damage.
"On the south side, it really dried the trees out and got them to lose their leaves and pins," says Joe Spinosa, of Massapequa Park. "And on the north side of the tree, it looks fine, it looks like summertime so it's very unusual."
Arborist William Thomas told News 12 most of the trees affected should be able to survive, but it is important to keep them properly watered to potentially wash away the salt that is now on the ground. He also recommended not using lots of fertilizer because they are under a lot of stress.
What would help trees is a good rain shower to wash the salt away, but News 12 meteorologists say a dry forecast is in the cards for the coming days.