Tires, wheels stolen from car in latest vandalism incident at Medford condominium complex

Residents at a Medford condominium complex say they have been frustrated by a string of vandalism incidents, including the latest theft of a car owner’s tires and wheels.
Raymon Lamanna says he parked his car at the Blue Ridge condominium complex around 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday after going to dinner. He says an hour later his vehicle was up on blocks with tires and wheels missing.
Lamanna says replacing the wheels and tires and fixing the damage could cost him thousands of dollars.
“They stole from us. They came into our home and took from us,” he said.
This is just the latest in a string of incidents at the complex. Neighbors say multiple cars have been vandalized, had their tires slashed, windows broken and catalytic converters stolen.
Suffolk Police confirm at least six incidents occurred at the complex this past month.
Longtime resident Rosanne Miccio says she is worried the crimes could escalate.
“My husband is telling me to call him to walk out to the parking lot and walk me in. I shouldn't have to live life like that,” she said.
The condo board raised money to build a controlled access gate with license plate-reading cameras after residents complained outsiders were entering the complex. However, board members say for nearly a year the town of Brookhaven has held up construction permits.
“This is unacceptable. We need help from this town,” said resident Kenny Groshans.
In the meantime, Lamanna hopes action is taken to prevent more crimes.
“It’s about getting help to get these gates. We need the gates, and the town needs to get us the permits,” he said.
The town of Brookhaven spokesperson told News 12 they could not say why there seems to be a delay in getting the building permit.
Suffolk police say they are investigating the crimes and are keeping a closer watch on the property.