'This is no time to act stupidly': Cuomo pushes back against pressure to reopen economy

Despite the state showing signs that the worst of COVID-19 may be over, Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a harsh warning Wednesday about caving to political pressure to reopen the economy.
Cuomo made his opinion clear that the state will not reopen nonessential businesses right now just because there is pressure to do so.
"I know people want to get back to work, I know people want a paycheck, I know this is unsustainable, I also know more people will die if we are not smart," says Cuomo. "Frankly this is no time to act stupidly. Period. I don't know how else to say it."
Cuomo's comments come as "reopen" protests have occurred nationwide, including on Long Island. A small demonstration was held in Carle Place with people holding signs reading "small business is essential."
"I'm very concerned about the economic impact this is having on families, I'm watching families that can't feed their kids," says Marilyn McDermott, of Huntington.
Nassau County Executive Laura Curran addressed the protest at her daily coronavirus briefing, saying, "I completely understand the frustration and I think we all feel that way, I think we all want to get back to normal, but I also caution if we see another spike in infections, we're going to have to clamp down again."
Protesters said they plan to hold more demonstrations in the coming days.
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