'The numbers continue to be in a good place' - Suffolk sees just 33 new COVID-19 cases

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone gave his Monday COVID-19 update, where cases jumped up a lower amount than usual, but deaths rose up more than has been seen.
Briefing Notes
- Bellone talks about Cuomo's release of Phase 3 guidance, says county will continue to enforce requirements and educate individuals and businesses about reopening.
- Suffolk will be sending out reminder to establishments about guidance in line with state orders, including the punishments for those that do not follow them.
- Bellone says county needs to continually monitor businesses, the public in staying in line with guidance as region reopens - comes after Cuomo threatened action for compliance complaints in the Hamptons.
- Bellone says he feels comfortable that county may not see protest-related jump in cases now two weeks on from first protests - but say he will continue to monitor this week.
- No indication on when beach capacity numbers would change.
- Bellone says parking tickets could be issued for those who don't separate on beaches is on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis.
- 'The numbers continue to be in a good place' - 33 positive COVID-19 cases in past 24 hours. Less than 1% positive rate.
- Total known cases at 40,692.
- 7 new coronavirus deaths - 1,955 total death toll - 'a bit of a jump from what we've seen.' Suffolk health officials say this appears to be a random variation.
- 'The numbers have been flat.' Hospitalizations increase by 2 to a total of 127.
- ICU bed decrease by 2 to 38.
- 12 COVID-19 hospital discharges.
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