Teens discuss racism on Long Island, what they want to see changed

They are the generation born in the aftermath of Sept. 11. Now, they're coming of age in the midst of a global pandemic and a nationwide push for systemic change.
News 12 Long Island hosted a special virtual town hall event Tuesday called Unrest in America: Teens Talk. A group of young Long Islanders sounded off on the experiences they've had, and the changes they would like to see.
"It's definitely nice to see people come together and unite, rather than staying divided. That's something that I definitely think we as a generation are much better than my parents' generation, or other generations," said Lexi Grassia.
Sidney Garcon of Elmont says she first experienced racism in the eighth grade when she and her friend tried to visit a local convenience store after school.
"As we were going to the door, we almost didn't get let in. The manager or worker was like 'Oh, you guys are going to try to steal stuff from the store?' And we didn't even say hello yet," Garcon said.
The group says they do believe change will come this time.
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