Syosset Central School District probing alleged anti-Asian attack on sixth grader

The Syosset School District says it has launched an investigation into an alleged attack targeting a student at South Woods Middle School.

News 12 Staff

May 11, 2021, 10:03 PM

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The Syosset Central School District says it has launched an investigation into an alleged attack targeting a student.
According to district officials, the incident happened last Thursday during recess at South Woods Middle School.
News 12 is told the attack targeted an Asian sixth grader.
In a Facebook post written by the alleged victim's parent, it says a group of sixth graders said racist phrases to their son, including "Go back to your country," "COVID starter" and "white lives matter, too."
People close to the family say they're too distraught to speak publicly about the incident, but parents voiced their concerns at a school board meeting Monday night.
The school released a statement which read in part, "The district acted swiftly, initiating an investigation with over a dozen interviews conducted and additional interviews taking place. Multiple communications with the community were sent, and a plan was initiated to build on the existing programs embedded in the K-12 curriculum to combat racism and promote inclusivity in our school community. At the conclusion of the building-level investigation, the district will review the findings and take appropriate steps to address the issue."
School District Superintendent Dr. Tom Rogers also wrote, "This behavior has no place in Syosset or any other school."
"I was called a racial slur, but I didn't know what that racial slur meant," Chao said.
Because of privacy laws, the school district says they cannot comment exactly on how the investigation is being handled.
Nassau police tell News 12, "This is an internal school investigation and none of the allegations are criminal in nature. The parents also do not wish to press any charges at this time."

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