Suozzi seeks 4 percent property tax hike for '09

Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi announced Tuesday he is seeking an increase in county property taxes as part of his new budget.
The proposed increase of nearly 4 percent translates into about $60 more per year in taxes for the average homeowner.
?We are facing declining sales tax revenues, we see our fuel prices going up,? Suozzi says. ?Utility costs going up??
?I think it's the height of hypocrisy,? Legislature Minority Leader Peter Schmitt (R-Massapequa) says. According to Schmitt, the tax hike would generate $30 million to help plug the budget gap. However, he says cuts should be made in other places first, before having taxpayers fork over more money to the county.
?I would start with the $25 million in new jobs that he has added in his administration in the last four years,? Schmitt says.
Homeowners echo Republicans? disapproval of Suozzi?s proposed tax hike. Desiree Blackmon, of Uniondale, tells News 12 Long Island she wants to know what happened to Suozzi?s campaign promise never to raise property taxes.
?I have never made that promise and have never broken a promise,? Suozzi says. The county executive will unveil his entire 2009 budget plan on Friday.