Suozzi proposes new taxes to repair Nassau's finances

Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi announced Monday that along with county layoffs, he is proposing new taxes to help dig the county out of its budget hole.
Suozzi wants state lawmakers to allow the county to put a tax on cigarettes, install red light cameras and increase a surcharge on traffic violations. The county executive says the money from those taxes could add up to $30 million.
?They keep raising and keep raising,? John Walker, of Hempstead, says of lawmakers. ?It's going to get ugly instead of better.?
There is also talk of a home heating fuel tax, which has many saying enough is enough.
?We're really struggling so we keep the heat really low during the day and heat at night,? Annette Hilton, also of Hempstead, says. ?Can't keep it going because it costs too much.?