Suozzi details plans to consolidate school spending

Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi and other county officials rolled out a plan Monday, which aims to cut school operating costs by sharing common services.
?One of the ways we can get control of the costs in the school d istricts is to work together,? Suozzi says.
County officials detailed five proposals they say will save $5 million. The proposals include a coordinated countywide telecommunications and computer system, having one bus company provide transportation across the county, centralized auditing and legal services, consolidating borrowing and a streamlined approval process for construction projects.
Suozzi says the plan will use tax dollars more efficiency, but tells taxpayers it will not result in tax cuts. He says there?s already a threat to school aid because state revenue is declining.
Some of the changes need to pass in Albany. If they get the OK, the plans could be put into action within the next two years.
To see Suozzi?s press conference, go to Channel 612 on your iO digital cable box and select iO Extra.