Suffolk spokesperson: Countywide cyberattack has cost Suffolk at least $5.2 million so far

Suffolk has spent at least $5.2 million to deal with effects from a countywide cyberattack, according to a spokesperson for the office of the county executive.
The money has been spent on finding out what happened, and restoring service that forced some county offices to use pen and paper as computer systems were sidelined.
The breach was first reported in September, and since then Suffolk has been slowly releasing information regarding the scope of the attack.
On Thursday, it was discovered the Social Security numbers of thousands of county workers and retirees had been accessed.
On Nov. 23, it was revealed that hackers could have obtained nearly 500,000 driver's license numbers.
Automated payments to some businesses like day cares have been delayed and some property tax refunds have also been delayed.
On Monday, the Suffolk Legislature is set to announce the members of a special committee that will investigate the cyberattack.
The panel will have the power to issue subpoenas.