Suffolk residents angered at proposal to bring glamping to summer campsite

Some community members are frustrated about plans to bring changes to the Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts.
The Suffolk County camp is asking the Town of Huntington for zoning approval to adding "glamping" tents on part of its 140-acre property.
Glamping, also known as glamorous camping, includes tents on top of wooden structures.
Mike Rosedale, of Melville, says he and some of his neighbors are against the camp's proposed plan to add 70 glamping tents to the property.
"We love the camp," Rosedale says. "We just don't want it to turn into an overnight, adult sleeping camp."
Lauren Brandt Schloss, executive director of the Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts, says the glamping tents will not have a negative impact on the community or the environment.
She says adding glamping will bring an additional revenue source and won't affect the undeveloped woods.
"It's really about supporting scholarships for lower and middle income kids and giving more people the chance to experience this amazing campus and the arts amenities that are here for the community," Brandt Schloss.
Rosedale started an online petition to stop the plan from going forward. He believes the tents will have a negative impact on the community and neighborhood.
"The garbage is going to be all over the place," Rosedale says. "Rodents will come out, there are deer, there are foxes."
He says nothing would stop those in the camp from walking into their backyards and streets.