Suffolk begins trans fat phase-out

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy signed a ban on trans fats in restaurants, delis and bakeries into law Friday.
The ban is meant to promote healthy eating and combat obesity, but opinions on the ban are mixed. Baker Flemming Hansen, of Copenhagen Bakery in Northport, says he?d be glad to switch to trans fat-free shortening in his goodies, but it doesn?t work as well. But, he hopes the ban will force shortening manufacturers to improve their trans fat-free products.
?We used it for 6 to 7 months in pie shells and we had a lot of broken pie shells,? Hansen says. ?The pie broke and it didn't look sellable.?
Some say the ban isn?t fair because it doesn?t apply to grocery store bakeries, which are the jurisdiction of the state agricultural department.
?I really don't see that as unfair,? says Suffolk Leg. Lou D?Amaro (D-Huntington Station). ?I see that as giving it a competitive advantage to the restaurants that are phasing out the trans fats.?
Albany lawmakers are considering a statewide trans fat ban. Suffolk officials say establishments will have about a year to 18 months to phase in trans fat-free ingredients.
The county is also requiring that all restaurants with more than 15 locations nationwide to post calorie amounts on the menus.
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