Study: Elderly pedestrians at greater risk on LI

Nassau County is ranked among the most dangerous areas in the tri-state for elderly pedestrians, a new study shows.
A study by the Tri-state Transportation Center ranked Nassau County the second most dangerous area, with 39 senior pedestrian deaths between 2005 and 2007. Suffolk's tally of elderly pedestrian deaths was not far behind at 21.
The fatal accidents include an 83-year-old who was hit in Jericho three weeks ago and the death of an 88-year-old killed on a Patchogue crosswalk.
The state Department of Transportation is recommending safety enhancements for problem intersections. Some areas are taking a local approach to increasing safety. The town of Hempstead is trying to raise awareness of pedestrian dangers at senior citizen centers.
Leg. Dave Mejias (D-Massapequa), a member of the Nassau County Public Safety Committee, says drivers need to be more aware of who they share the road with.
"The motorists should also be on the lookout, especially in the evenings, for people that are riding bicycles and walking to work and taking public transportation," he says.