Stony Brook University professor arrested during protest speaks exclusively with News 12

Professor Josh Dubnau has been suspended from his job and banned from campus.

Kevin Vesey

May 3, 2024, 2:28 AM

Updated 19 days ago


Josh Dubnau was one of two Stony Brook University professors arrested during Wednesday night’s pro-Palestinian protest on campus.
Dubnau, who works in the departments of anesthesiology and neurobiology and behavior, says he spent 7 ½ hours handcuffed in jail.
He has been suspended from his job and banned from campus. Professor Dubnau also says his cellphone was confiscated by law enforcement.
Dubnau says he stayed at the protest and allowed himself to be arrested, in part, to protect the students. He criticized the way the situation was handled by Stony Brook University administrators.
Dubnau said, “The university, frankly, behaved in an appalling way by calling for 100 or 200, I don’t know the number, of state troopers and Suffolk County police and they set those policemen upon our students, and as a faculty member, I felt it was my responsibility to stand with them and protect their safety. And I’m proud to have done that, even though I spent the night in jail.”
Stony Brook University President Maurie McInnis says protesters were hostile toward other students who were not involved in the demonstration.

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