Springboard summer camp offers experiences to bridge 'digital divide'

A summer camp experience on Long Island is offering women and people of color a sample of high-tech careers in an effort to bridge the "digital divide."
The digital divide is considered the gap between those who have access and the tools to use digital technology and those who don't. Nonprofit Springboard Incubators in Hempstead is among those working to change things.
"At Springboard, our mission is to bridge the digital and knowledge divide," says Dr. Steven Lindo, of Springboard Incubators. "My hope is once we clear these pathways, we can mitigate some of those issues for you ladies and young women who want to be in that field."
Chelsea Prudencio, a student at Nassau Community College, says she's learned coding, data science, cybersecurity and digital literacy through Springboard Incubators.
"I just think opportunities build my knowledge and strength and that I could be a good player in that field," says Prudencio.
Ashlee Cox, of Huntington, says the experience is giving her a deep understanding of her studies.
"It is exciting to learn it because you feel like you understand it on a whole new level," says Cox.