Special district elections near, but low turnout likely

Special district elections are just around the corner, but 98 percent of Long Island residents don?t vote in them. Many say that?s because it is difficult for voters to find out the information they need to make a decision. There are more than 300 special districts on Long Island including, fire, water, sanitation and library districts. The Nassau County comptroller says the districts control about $1,000 of taxpayers? money each year.
The state mandates fire districts hold their elections on the same day each year, the second Tuesday in December. Election Day for other districts varies, which makes organization and awareness difficult.
?We're in the process of making it possible for someone to type in their address and we'll be able to give them the information on the special district they're in,? Laura Mallay, of Residents for Efficient Special Districts, says.
County sources tell News 12 Long Island that Nassau County Comptroller Howard Weitzman will release a report claiming several special districts have so-called reserve funds that are disproportionately high. That?s money that could've been used to lower tax rates, Weitzman says.