SPCA: 4 dogs found dead, 5 animals rescued from Oakdale home

Animal control officers raided a home in Oakdale after receiving complaints of a smell coming from it. Inside, they made a grisly discovery.
The Suffolk SPCA says a total of nine animals had been living in filthy conditions, and that four dogs were found dead inside the home on Jade Street. There were also four dogs and a cat found alive.
They arrested 67-year-old Jean Hulse and charged her with five counts of animal cruelty -- four for the deceased animals and one for a dog allegedly found with matted fur. She faces up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine on each count.
Neighbors say Hulse had been renting the house for about a year. One Oakdale resident shared video that their son took Tuesday showing the inside of the home, pointing out what is believed to be one of the deceased animals.
"Probably about three months in, things just started to get weirder and weirder, then she was absent, and then she was more absent," says Lisa Farrell. "And then she would make these weird stops here at 3 a.m. and then other people would come here with cages and out-of-state plates."
Farrell says the animals would bark all night and the stench was unmistakable. Neighbors say they repeatedly called Suffolk police.
"They were here, they were compassionate, saw the smell, looked in the window. They were not allowed in," says Lee Kennedy.
They also called the SPCA, with Kennedy saying, "They let it go in August, and to me they were too slow coming out. There were enough people here, phone calls made, they were here two days ago, they should have been here last night."
The five surviving animals are now at Islip Animal Shelter, according to the SPCA. The house has been condemned by the fire marshal.