Snowstorm struggles highlight what not to do

Spinouts, stuck cars and shoveling difficulties endured Monday reminded many Long Islanders it?s best to be prepared for a big snowstorm, even if you?re not expecting it.
Before heading out on the road, snow on car roofs and windows should be completely cleared off. Otherwise, blowing snow can blind other drivers. AAA?s Robert Sinclair emphasizes the importance of having good snow tires. He also says even drivers of SUVs should go slowly.
"[SUVs] are top heavy and have a high center of gravity and easily can slide when you try to go into a braking maneuver,? Sinclair says.
There are five items every driver should have in his or her car, Sinclair says - a broom to clear snow, a shovel to dig yourself out, a blanket and gloves to keep you warm, and a flashlight.
As for shoveling driveways and sidewalks, snow blowers are probably best. Also, shovel slowly to avoid injury.