School security upgrades are Columbine's legacy

As 10 years since the massacre at Columbine High School passes, schools and colleges on Long Island have stepped up their security systems in noticeable ways.
Long Island had its own scare two years ago when two teenagers were arrested for allegedly planning a Columbine-like attack at Connetquot High School. A notebook detailing their plans for a shooting and bomb attack was discovered at a local MacDonald?s.
Rosemary Baldi, a social worker at the school, says that close call shows how important it is for troubled kids to know there's a place to go for help. Security has also been beefed up. Security cameras cover the entire school district and Security Director Don Flynn says any hint of trouble is treated as a real threat. He says it?s not paranoia, it?s preparedness.
Hofstra University?s notification system was just tested two weeks ago when there was a shooting near campus. Students and staff now get information almost immediately and in an emergency, a closed circuit television system is available to get critical information out quickly.
?We're as ready as we can be if a tragedy occurs,? says Hofstra?s Vice President of University Relations Melissa Connolly.
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