Sanitation employees file suit claiming sex harassment, wrongful termination

Three Oceanside Sanitation Department employees are suing over alleged sexual harassment and wrongful termination.
Jacqueline Urli says the only way to describe the comments that were directed toward her at her workplace is "humiliating."
Urli is a secretary for the Oceanside Sanitation Department, also known as Hempstead Sanitary District No. 7. She says she was repeatedly sexually harassed from August to November 2018, forced to deal with what she calls vulgar and unwanted sexual comments from one of the department's commissioners, Matthew Horowitz.
A notice of claim filed with the state's human rights commission outlines other allegations of harassment as well. Urli says she filed a complaint in November with her direct manager, Daniel Faust, who then took up the issue with the board of commissioners alongside treasurer Daniel Hernandez, who says he witnessed the harassment. A month later, the board voted to fire the two men.
Faust calls the treatment against Urli, Hernandez and himself "unfair," while Hernandez says he was terminated without cause after nearly 30 years of service.
Urli continues to work at the district while litigation is pending.
"It's devastating and I feel very guilty," Urli says.
Attorney Fred Brewington says the three are seeking a ruling from the human rights commission, as well as unspecified damages.
News 12 did not immediately hear back from the Oceanside Sanitation Department for comment.