Rye Country Day School accused of racism by alumni and current students

A prestigious school in Westchester has been accused of racism by alumni and current students on Instagram.
One alumnus posted, "We were covering the 2008 presidential election and were each assigned states to cover… after handing out the states and seeing what was left my history teacher said, 'Isn't it funny that she gets the state with the highest KKK population?'"
Another said, "When I went to talk to an administrator about changing classes because I felt uncomfortable being the only POC in the room talking about race, I was told 'I'm tired of you people always complaining.'"
Someone also said, "The white boys who tried to volley carrot bits into my cleavage were the same white boys who told me that I was 'kinda pretty, for an African girl.'"
One alumni said, "I didn't hate myself until I came to RCDS."
The head of the school released a statement, apologizing to those who've shared stories and also outlined immediate actions the school will take.
The school says it plans to investigate the specific experiences shared on Instagram, punish anyone who uses the N-word and other words of hate, require students, faculty, coaches, staff and board members to undergo anti-racism training and promote summer programs with a focus on social justice.
The head of the school is also inviting people to schedule a meeting with him to share any experiences they've had with the school or to offer ideas of what can be done to improve the campus culture.