Middle school running program helps students strengthen their mental health

A running program at Robert Moses Middle School in North Babylon is helping students strengthen their mental health.
English teacher Katy Forman started the program a few years ago that gets students out of the building and moving.
"I always ran during my lunch periods to deal with my own stress," Forman says.
She realized stress management was something the students could also benefit from.
Forman and fellow English teacher Brian Snyder use the program to give students a safe space and support for what they are dealing with in the classroom and outside of it.
"We make it a point to make every student they know they can rely on us if they need someone to talk to," Snyder says.
The program has helped students academically, but also emotionally and socially.
"If I can impact or light the light of one student that's a win, but to do many, it's a privilege really," Forman says.
The program has expanded to the high school, and they recently held a run that raised over $7,000.