Retail experts urge people to start holiday shopping soon due to shipping delays

Retail experts say it may be time to start your holiday shopping before even going trick-or-treating.
Due to pressure on the nation’s supply chain, there is a shortage of some goods and an increase to some prices.
This could cause major delays for some of the most sought after toys this year.
Experts say it’s best to shop in store and buy the toy you want as soon as you see.
They also advise people to have their children make longer wish lists, including some items that are not as popular.
Toy Insider senior editor Maddie Michalik says once the hottest toys sell out, they may not be in stock before the holidays.
She says it’s a global issue due to the pandemic, with high demand for products and raw materials in short supply.
“So everything from paper to wood, resin, plastic, metals, even IC chips in toys," Michalik says.
Toys, Tots, Pets and More CEO Jim Silver says he doesn’t think customers understand the surge that will happen come mid-November.
“There are no containers to ship toys over here and that means there is going to be a major shortage of toys come holiday season,” Silver says. “You are talking about anywhere from 20% to 30% less toys being able to get over here.”
It was announced Wednesday that shipping ports in California will operate 24/7 to help the demand.
The cost of toys is also likely to see an increase.
Michalik says that could mean a couple of dollars extra for action figures or up to an extra $40 for some playsets.
Hanukkah starts Nov. 28 this year, which is earlier than some years and could cause more of an early demand.