Rep. Peter King becomes first Republican to support bill to ban assault weapons

A Long Island congressman has become the first House Republican to back legislation to ban assault weapons.
Rep. Peter King announced his support of the bill that was introduced by Rep. David Cicilline in February.
The bill has strong support from Democrats in the House of Representatives, but no Republican had signed on until now.
Cicilline praised King and hopes that more Republican will support the bill.
The Seaford congressman says that more members of his party may soon get on board.
"I wouldn't be surprised if we see in the next several months, if there is an effort made, a number of Republicans signing on," King said.
In 2012, New York passed the SAFE Act, which essentially banned assault-style weapon sales in New York. Some believe because of the that, a ban nationally wouldn't have much effect in the state.
Some say bans are not the answer.
"I think everyone should have the right to bear arms and follow the second amendment," said Dan Sanfililppo of Ronkonkoma.
Others, like Wendy Merz of Seaford, say something has to be done about gun control.
"If we could save the life of people or another child, isn't that what matters," Merz said. "Isn't that what matters?"
King says he also recently supported a bill that would require stricter background checks to buy a gun.
News 12 reached out to Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin, who has an "A" rating from the NRA, to see his stance on the assault weapons ban, but has not yet heard back.