Remembering Bob Beckwith: Funeral service held for firefighter in iconic Ground Zero photo

Long Island residents gathered at St. Christopher Church in Baldwin Saturday to honor the life of former FDNY firefighter Bob Beckwith.
Beckwith was a retired firefighter who rushed to the World Trade Center to assist in the recovery efforts following 9/11.
He is known for an iconic image of him standing beside former President George W. Bush at Ground Zero in the days after the attacks.
Beckwith died earlier this the week at 91 due to a 9/11-related illness.
Many people attended his funeral Saturday, including former Rep. Peter King, who delivered his eulogy.
"He had a tremendous image. He was just a great guy and a true patriot," King said.
"I am sad he is gone, but he suffered. I wish he was still here, but he is in a much better place," said etired FDNY firefighter Dan Price.
Beckwith buried at Greenfield Cemetery in Uniondale.