PSEG Long Island tree trimming apparently traps 85-year-old woman inside home

An 85-year-old woman says she was essential trapped in her home after PSEG Long Island trimmed a tree outside her house.
Alice Cammiso, of Merrick, says she called a landscaper for an estimate to remove a 90-foot-tall tree. She says the landscaper told her first to call PSEG Long Island and have them trim the tree around the wires first.
Cammiso says the crew showed up unannounced Monday morning and they ended up taking off the whole top of the tree.
News 12 is told the mess blocked off the driveway and Cammiso's daughter, Wendy Camestro, says that there was wood piled up to the top of her porch. She says Cammiso was unable to get out of her house due to the mess.
Cammiso and Camestro say it took several calls to PSEG Long Island and some local officials, but PSEG Long Island did send a crew to cart away most of the mess.
Prior to PSEG Long Island coming to the house to trim the tree, Cammiso signed an agreement with the utility that says in part, "In order that I may remove the tree safely, I authorize PSEG's contractor to trim clearance to the conductors. I understand it is my responsibility to dispose of the brush and wood that results from the contractor's trimming."