PSEG LI says it's not liable for spoiled food, to frustration of some LIers

Long Islanders say they've lost thousands of dollars’ worth of food after days without power, but according to PSEG Long Island's website, the company is not liable for damages done outside its control.
Bill Hohauser, a PSEG customer, says all of his food spoiled after he lost power on Tuesday. He was at the PSEG Customer Outreach Center in Roslyn to get water and ice.
According to PSEG's website, the company is not liable for damages caused by certain occurrences that are beyond its control. The first occurrence listed is Acts of God like weather-related conditions that include wind.
One resident who says she was fortunate with only a tree falling onto her deck says PSEG should reimburse people for the food they lost.
An insurance agent who specializes in homeowner's policies tells News 12 most policies include coverage for spoiled food, but you should check your policy.