Protesters: People with developmental disabilities left behind by NY leaders during pandemic

Long Islanders rallied in Hauppauge on Thursday to say people with developmental disabilities in New York are being left behind in the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Beverly and Bob Roach, of East Norwich, have twin daughters in two separate group homes. They say neither has been allowed to leave their facilities since the pandemic began.
“They're not in a phase, they're no plans for them,” says Beverly Roach. “They've been locked in their home for over 100 days.”
Sue and Brian Brunjes had to remove their son Eric from his home because he didn't understand what was happening a month into the pandemic. And now they say he's not allowed back.
“There is no plan in sight right now,” says Brian Brunjes.
The New York Alliance for Developmental Disabilities is asking the state to reconsider the guidelines.
“We just want them to be treated like everyone else. Nothing more, nothing less. Just like everybody else and not forgotten,” says Bob Roach.
In a statement - the state responded saying: