Protesters in Coram gather to spread messages of peace and unity

Black Lives Matter protesters gathered in Coram Friday to make their voices heard with a message of peace and unity.
The protest in Coram was just one of more than half a dozen across Long Island. Organizers of the Coram protest say they put the event together with the help of social media. That post says people will be united through peace and they say that's their main message.
"I just want to spread peace throughout Long Island going up and down Long Island," says organizer DJ Tone. "I've been talking in Shirley, I've been talking in Patchogue."
DJ Tone says he has organized three of these events in the last couple of weeks since the death of George Floyd. The group says it has proven that it can spread its message peacefully.
"We are not here to loot. We're not here to riot. We're not here to be violent," says DJ Tone. "We are here peacefully and we are making sure our message is getting across because that's what needs to happen."