Protesters call for removal of Robert Moses statue in Babylon Village

A group of protesters rallied Saturday for the removal of a Robert Moses statue in Babylon Village, alleging that he segregated Long Island.
Anthony Torres, from Babylon, organized the rally. Many people who want the statue removed say Moses supported causes which led to housing segregation on the Island.
Protesters say they've collected more than 13,000 signatures for the removal of the Robert Moses statue on West Main Street.
Wayne Horsley, a former regional director of state parks for Long Island, says Moses opened up Long Island for all of New York and that the statue went up 20 years ago.
Horsley says that claims that local parkways were designed to keep buses from bringing people from New York City to Long Island have not been proven. He says low bridges were added after the widening of the parkways.
Torres says it's important to remember history, but doesn't want Moses to be glorified.
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