Production of 'Communion' to raise funds for Seaford teacher who was fired

A fundraiser will be held on Saturday night for a Seaford teacher who was fired.
The money raised during Saturday night's production of "Communion" will go to Michael Califano.
Califano, who is gay, said he was fired from Maria Regina School after someone sent the Diocese of Rockville Centre photos of him and his boyfriend kissing.
"Communion" stars and was written by Matthew LaBanca.
“The play is about a gay Catholic schoolteacher who gets fired from his job when the Diocese of Brooklyn learns that he got married to a man. I know something about this because it happened to me," says LaBanca.
LaBanca will be performing in the production on Feb. 3 at the Manes Studio Theatre of Long Island in Lindenhurst.
The theatre’s managing partner, Michael Blangiforti, said “we should be supportive and caring and loving.” He added that: “The expression ‘love is love’ couldn’t be more true.”
Califano said “words can’t describe” how thankful he is for the support he’s received. The theater waived the rental fee for Saturday’s production and all proceeds will go directly to Michael Califano.
The Diocese of Rockville Centre maintains that Califano didn’t lose his job over his sexuality.
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