Police: Suspect wanted in dozens of Nassau burglaries is in custody

Nassau police say they have nabbed a Chilean burglar who escaped their capture in January.
Bryan Leandro Herrera Maldonado is in custody in New Jersey, police say. According to Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder, he was wanted for dozens of burglaries in Nassau and all over the country.
Ryder says the 24-year-old Chilean national is part of an organized burglary ring that hit homes in Great Neck Estates, Sands Points, Hewlett Harbor and Roslyn Estates. He says Maldonado escaped when three members of his apparent crew were captured in Queens early this year.
Police say the suspects are from different Chilean factions all run by the same bosses abroad, and they reportedly targeted wealthy, quiet communities like Hewlett or Saddle Rock. They are also believed to have targeted homes in New Jersey, including in Saddle River.
Authorities say this ring has done their homework. They'll scope out neighborhoods ahead of time and will hit up homes believed to be empty in the early evening hours.
"Go around the back of the house, kick the door in, commit the burglary ... they'd leave with small items, jewelry, cash, which amounted to millions of dollars in some of these homes," says Ryder.
Ryder issued a message to anyone in the ring planning to return, saying, "They will come back, but we're telling you now, we will hunt you down. You commit crimes in our county, we're going to spend the resources to make sure you get arrested."