Police investigating swastikas found on Port Washington PAL clubhouse as a hate crime

A Long Island community has come together in the wake of a possible hate crime.
Dozens of symbols of hate were found inside a Port Washington Police Athletic League clubhouse - a well-known place in the area near where many athletics activities are held. That's why so many have felt profoundly impacted by the message spray-painted inside the clubhouse.
A total of 12 swastikas were found inside the PAL building. Executive Director Robert Elkins says this is the third break-in in two months.
"They entered the building looking to do some sort of damage and discovered the paint," says Elkins.
He says the vandals broke the back door open so hard that it came off the frame of the building. The symbols were found on bathroom walls, field equipment, thank you cards kids made over the summer and on the building's front door.
State Sen. Anna Kaplan says the actions are heartbreaking and a hate crime. Police say they currently are investigating the incident as one.
"We want to make sure that there is an investigation, and we get to the bottom of this." says Kaplan.
There is a GoFundMe page to help repair, replace and restore what was done. So far, over $11,000 was raised out of a $25,000 goal.