Police: Better security cams could help catch knifepoint robber

Despite plenty of surveillance video, police have yet to identify the knifepoint robber that has hit 16 locations in Nassau and Suffolk counties.
Suffolk Police Commissioner Tim Sini said Wednesday that the surveillance footage of the suspect has been low quality and has not been useful in obtaining his identification.
"We can't push a magical button and the resolution becomes perfect," Sini said.
Security camera experts say that there are solutions to getting better quality surveillance footage. They say cameras can be upgraded to shoot in 1080p or 4K resolution quality.
Gianpaolo Dimicco, of Total Security, says that 2-megapixels is still the norm for most store security cameras.
Police experts told News 12 that even higher quality video might not be able to ID the suspect since his face is always masked. However, they say upgraded video could give other clues as to who the suspect is.
Police and security camera experts say proper placement of cameras is key for protecting businesses. Some police departments even offer free registration and help with the cameras.