Police arrest suspect accused of firing gun inside Green Acres Mall

Nicholas Aaron Hibbert faces multiple charges, including attempted murder, robbery and criminal possession of a weapon.

Jon Dowding

Oct 27, 2023, 9:17 PM

Updated 176 days ago


The man accused of firing a gun inside the Green Acres Mall Monday has been arrested, police say.
They say Nicholas Aaron Hibbert tried to steal clothes from the Clique store at the Valley Stream shopping center.
Police say when the suspect was confronted by a store employee, Hibbert pulled out a gun and fired a round into the ground before fleeing and driving off in a stolen SUV.
Hibbert was arrested Thursday.
At one point, court documents say the victim told Hibbert, "You know you can't try on boxers right." The victim then says Hibbert put on a pair of jeans and started to exit the store.
A struggle then ensued between the victim and Hibbert, which is when Hibbert allegedly took almost $500 from the victim’s hands.
The documents go on to say the victim saw Hibbert hold what appeared to be a handgun to the victim's head, while taking said money from the victim's hands.
The victim says Hibber then said to them, "You think you are getting your money back. I will shoot you before you get it back."
They struggled again and Hibbert fired a shot at the ground before fleeing. Police say he fled in a red Chevrolet Equinox, which they later identified as stolen.
Hibbert faces nine charges including attempted murder and is due back in court on Oct. 31.

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