Plum Island removed from auction block, to be preserved

Plum Island, the animal disease center that sits off the East End of Long Island, is off the auction block.
The development comes after years of fighting a federal law that mandated the government sell the 850 acres of the mostly pristine island to the highest bidder.
The federal budget that just passed rescinded the mandate to sell the island and has added $18.9 million for an environmental cleanup of the island and its famed lighthouse.
"We are getting together to celebrate that the 2008 federal law is gone, it is repealed, it's off the books,” says Rep. Lee Zeldin. “We will not be selling Plum Island to the highest bidder."
Adrienne Esposito, of Citizens Campaign for the Environment, says preserving Plum Island “will be a timeless gift that will span generations.”
Preserving the island is not yet a done deal. A preservation plan must be developed that would ensure the long-term protection of the island. It could become a national or state park site if lawmakers approve a use plan.