Paws & Pals: Cats up for adoption now at Catpurrccinos/Feral to Family Cat & Kitten Rescue

In this week's Paws & Pals, Catpurrccinos/Feral to Family Cat & Kitten Rescue presented some furry friends that are looking for their “furever” homes.
BUTCH AND BILLY - Meet Butch and Billy, these adorable and affectionate little felines with a hearts full of playfulness and love. These sweet boys are a bundle of joy who thrive on interactive playtime and cherish cuddle sessions with each other. They were both found together with their mom and sister at only 6 weeks old. Mom and sister have gotten adopted but Butch and Billy are still waiting for their forever home. Butch's endearing nature and strong bond with Billy make them an inseparable duo, bringing twice the happiness and companionship to any home lucky enough to adopt them together. If you are looking to double your feline delight, Butch and Billy are the perfect pair to bring into your family. These lovable brothers are available for adoption through Feral to Family Rescue and can be visited at Catpurrccinos Cat Cafe, offering you the chance to welcome their heartwarming presence into your life. 
CALLIE - Meet Callie, the charming little calico. Callie was discovered in poor health by a kind Samaritan who promptly took her to a local emergency hospital. After receiving the necessary care, the hospital reached out to us for assistance. Embracing Callie with open arms, we had her spayed and vaccinated, and she now reigns over the cat cafe. At approximately 9 months old, she is the epitome of sweetness, enjoying endless cuddles and playtime with her human companions. Callie awaits the perfect someone to give her a forever home and is available for adoption through Feral to Family Cat Rescue. You can visit her at Catpurrccinos Cat Cafe. 
IVY - Meet Ivy, an affectionate feline mom at Catpurrccinos! From the moment she arrived, Ivy showered everyone with her love. Rescued as a young cat, barely 7 months old, she was discovered just before giving birth. Under the care of one of our fosters, Ivy welcomed a litter of healthy kittens who have all found loving homes. Ivy holds a special place in the hearts of Catpurrccinos as one of the sweetest cats in our cat cafe. If you encounter her, be sure to indulge her with belly rubs and head scratches – she adores them! Now, Ivy is on a quest to find her forever home. You can connect with her through Feral to Family, and she awaits your visit at Catpurrccinos Cat Cafe.