Parents, teachers slam gov's proposed school aid cuts

School administrators, students and the Long Island Progressive Coalition came together in Central Islip Saturday to criticize Gov. David Paterson?s proposal to cut school aid to help close the $15 billion budget gap.
?There's no fat to cut,? says Wyandanch Assistant Superintendent Denise Gibbs. ?We've already made extensive cuts previously, and now to make these cuts it?s really going to affect instruction.?
Instead of slashing school aid, education officials and parents are asking Albany to implement the Fair Share Tax on the wealthy, which they say could generate billions for the state and help solve the budget crisis.
"People who make more money should have to pay," says Amparo Sadler, a parent from Central Islip. "I'm not asking them to give a lot, just a little bit more to help our kids get a fair share."
The governor's office would not comment on the Fair Share Tax, but officials say the administration is currently reviewing how education funding included in the recently enacted federal stimulus package could help schools' finances in the next fiscal year.