Ordering meal kits? Here are some food safety tips you need to know.

Meal kits delivered to your door may be convenient, but there are some food safety tips you should know. 
Meal kits arrive with premeasured, perishable ingredients. Before eating food from a meal kit, the Food and Drug Administration recommends that you make sure it's fresh, well packaged, and kept at the right temperatures
Below are some food safety tips from the FDA:

1. Research companies before you buy

Order from responsive and trusted companies. Check if customer service can answer these questions:
How do they keep their food safe?
How do they respond to a recall? 

2. Track packages straight to your door

Food spoils if it sits too long on trucks or doorsteps. If you can’t track an order, you have no way of knowing how long it’s been sitting on the truck or your doorstep. 

3. Inspect the box for damage

Food in wet, ripped, torn, or dirty packages might not be safe to eat. 

4. Look for cross-contamination

Items should be individually packaged and not leaking. 

5. Check if cold foods, like meat and fish, are received cold

Check for safe temperatures on arrival. Meat and fish should be below 40 degrees Fahrenheit - ice crystals should still be visible. 
If meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables don't arrive at safe temperatures, toss them in the trash to avoid getting sick.