Officials: Amazon eyes Cerro Wire site for new 200,000 square-foot warehouse

Amazon is looking to a build a new 200,000 square-foot warehouse at the vacant Cerro Wire site in Syosset.
The property is located right off the Long Island Expressway and has been abandoned for decades. There have been several development plans for the site, but each one has hit a dead end.
Town officials say Amazon is eyeing the location. They say it would bring hundreds of jobs to the area.
Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino says the development would usher in 550 jobs. He says 400 of the jobs would be delivery drivers and the other 150 would be warehouse workers.
Some residents say they are concerned about traffic and the environmental testing that would need to be done before any construction could happen.
"If this land was safe, if there were no environmental issues then yeah absolutely something should be put here that the community accepts," says Kevin McKenna, of Save Our Syosset.
Other plans for the property included a luxury mall and a housing and retail complex. All were met with strong opposition in part because of traffic concerns. Some residents say the area is congested enough.
Saladino says the project would jumpstart the area's economy at a time when it's desperately needed.
Town officials say the site will be cleaned to full commercial standards, and the community will have a chance to weigh in.
So far there has been no official proposal from Amazon.