Oceanside temples hold panel discussion in attempt to combat antisemitism

Rabbi Shai Beloosesky says he hopes people stop using the word “hate” to describe others.

Jon Dowding

Oct 17, 2023, 12:17 AM

Updated 281 days ago


Members of the Jewish community gathered in Oceanside Monday night for a discussion on how to combat antisemitism.
The event, held at Temple Avodah, was scheduled months before Hamas attacked Israel, and organizers say this conversation couldn’t be timelier.
Temple Avodah member Caryle Katz helped organize the event and explained that even before the conflict started, these threats weren't new to the community.
"This is nothing new for Jews,” she said. “This has been going on for millennia."
Rabbi Shai Beloosesky said he wanted to have a meaningful conversation about why the word “hate” is used so often.
"Why [is there] so much hate against Jews or against anybody? Why do we use the words, ‘I hate somebody,’” he said.
Members of the Nassau County Police Department and District Attorney's Office spoke about resources available to protect the community.
One of the members of NCPD in attendance was part of the group of New York state law enforcement officials training in Israel when Hamas attacked.
Attendees could ask questions during the discussion as well. One of the main questions on everyone’s mind spoke to how they could help combat hate.
"How we as Jews can do whatever is necessary to help change this mindset,” said Katz.
One answer was to share the Jewish identity more with others. Regardless of why people came, organizers hoped for one main takeaway.
"Let's not hate Jews. Let's not hate Muslims. Let's not hate Christian, Hindu. Let's stop to put stickers on minorities,” said Beloosesky.
The former acting consulate general of Israel also gave remarks to the congregation about the conflict.

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